Is Climate Control Storage the Solution for Your Possessions?


Many people ask about the benefits of climate control units and whether or not it is the right choice for them.  The short answer is: if you would be willing to store your belongings in your personal garage then you do not need a climate control unit.  However, there is a long answer and educating yourself on the benefits of a climate control environment may help you make the best choice for yourself.

The major benefit of climate controlled storage over standard self storage is protection from extreme heat or cold.  It also helps to keep humidity low within the units.  Climate control storage should never fall below freezing in winter or over 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer.  American Mini Storage uses several air systems throughout our climate controlled buildings.  This brings an advantage to the tenants over individually controlled units.  Our tenants never have to worry about whether or not they have turned on or off their individual units.  They also do not need to be concerned over a malfunction not being detected over a long period of time with multiple systems operating in the building.

Climate Controlled storage is ideal for antiques, furniture, wood, musical instruments, paintings, candles, cosmetics, electronics, media and other temperature and humidity sensitive items.  Climate control is also an ideal solution for long term storage of most household goods.  Climate controlled units should keep items from facing extreme hot, cold or humidity, which could split wooden furniture, warp media, or create mildew on upholstered items and cloth.

Our climate controlled units also come with less obvious benefits.  Since these units are located inside a finished building, they are less susceptible to insects and rodents.  They are also less likely to draw in outside dust and dirt.

Our climate control units are a bit more expensive than standard self storage units.  However, the benefits considerably outweigh the cost difference.  The peace of mind in knowing your possessions are safely out of harms way and protected from the elements in a climate controlled storage is worth a little bit extra and will protect the value of your stored items.

If you have questions or like to receive more information on our climate control units please contact us at 910-383-6500.